Yonex 19141 EX 3-Pack Sport Crew Socks

Yonex 19141 EX 3-Pack Sport Crew Socks

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Yonex low cut crew socks model 19141EX come in 3 pairs in a package. There are 3 colors in each package: black, grey, and white. The socks have thick layers of pile-woven cushioning on areas that need more padding and thin layers on areas that do not need it. The material helps to wick sweat out to keep the feet dry.

Hybrid Power Socks Technology

Right Angle Design: Prevents slipping and provides extra supports around the heel.
Pile Woven: Provides superb cushioning and comfortable soft fit.
Deodorant: Stays fresh.

Composition: 65% Cotton, 24% Polyester, 8% Nylon, 3% Polyurethane

 YONEX Socks Size

 Small (Men 4.0-7.0us) (Women 5.5-8.5us) (22.0-25.0cm)
Medium (Men 7.0-10.0us) (Women 8.5-11.5us) (25.0-28.0cm)
Large (Men 10.0-13.0us) (28.0-31.0cm)